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Anti-Aging and Hydrating

Discover the pure treatment your skin deserves when you choose amazing, natural anti-aging products from KB Creams.

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Itch Relief and Diabetic Treatment

Real relief is just an application away when you have our itch relief or diabetic foot creams in your medicine cabinet.

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Who We Are

True beauty lies within, but pampering the surface doesn't hurt. Treat yourself to moisturizing, organic skin care products from KB Creams, in Burien, Washington, and help your inner splendor shine through the surface.

Designed and created by professional pharmacists and doctors, our products use ingredients that pamper skin and leave it feeling great, never greasy or oily. That's because our natural, light formula hydrates the epidermis without using harsh chemicals.


Contact us in Burien, Washington, to take advantage of our enriching, organic skin care products.

Our Story……..

KB creams started out of love; out of love for my wife.  My wife was always looking for a facial cream that would not dry her skin out but still feel like she has something on that provided moisture and hydration.  Growing up in Canada the harsh winters take a toll on your skin that leaves it feeling dry and leathery in the winter.  She would complain as to how when she put on a cream it would feel fine at first but then start feeling greasy on her face and then couple that with the minimal makeup she did wear it would just feel oily and she would just want to wash everything off which would then result again in drying her skin.  I thought about how I could help her as my nature has always been to solve problems.  SO I dug back into what I had learned in Pharmacy and decided to try and create something for her.  After several trials and formulations we came up with the perfect base cream. The cream provided exactly what she was looking for.  It hydrates her skin and moisturizes it and leaves the skin feeling supple and yet at the same time it does not leave that greasy feeling on her face.  She tried out the cream in several different climates.  It just so happened that during that summer we traveled abroad and she took the cream with her.  She used it in Egypt during the humid summer months, in Cape Town where it was still winter with rain and dry heat and also through Europe during the heat wave.  She was amazed at how good it felt and not once did it feel greasy.  After that we decided to add some other ingredients that would also nourish and benefit the skin.  As a result we have three facial creams.

I also decided to use the formula and create two therapeutic creams which I have recommended to my patients in my practice.  As a chiropractor I am a strong believer in using natural products and the creams have helped my patients who have dry itchy skin.
I am hoping that the cream that I created out of love for my wife will be just as beneficial to you and you can experience the same love from our products.